Thucydides’ Historical Blog (Homer Pidgeon)

In this section of the course website, Thucydides will be sharing with all of Athens the notes they have created for their famous history book. This is the home of their unfiltered thoughts on what is spoken about in this great assembly. Think of the page as Thucydides’ Athenian Twitter page (Homer Pidgeon), where a mix of short comical remarks as well as strong rebuttals will be made. Think carefully about how you want history to remember you, for anything can be said about anyone on this page.


  • Thrasybulus appears to think he’s above the usage of the podium. Blasphemous. 


  • Phormisius spreads the dangerous agenda of only allowing Athens to be governed by the wealthy. She suggests our very own assembly is not competent! I am enthralled! 1:19 pm
  • Phormisius is clearly scared of what I have to say. He knows this idea is selfish. How can we be assured that this proposal is in good faith and not a power grab? 1:24pm
  • Aristocles seems ok. 1:32pm
  • I do not understand why we would try to change something that is not broken? Why is the assembly not enough? It’s clear to me that those who are proposing a council are really just trying to gain power. 1:34pm
  • No law passes, the Athens of tomorrow will function the same as Athens of yesterday. 1:38pm
  • Women can now be educated and be in the assembly. Epic 😎


  • Seeing the passion from both sides of this trial gives me hope for athens! 1:28pm
  • Miltiades is very ~chill~ about freedom of speech. 1:32pm
  • This is such a difficult decision to make. Each side makes excellent points and I could see how each decision could have good and bad impacts on athens… I have much to think about 1:35pm
  • As a scholar, I have a lot of respect for Socrates, but that doesn’t mean that his practices don’t concern me, that he may have negatively impacted Athens. I am very interested to see how this plays out. 1:40pm
  • Crito’s strong passion combined with his towering stature make for quite the spectacle as he addresses the assembly, even though his unwavering support of Socrates makes me worry for his integrity. 1:43pm
  • Not the dead son again. Lycon has been hardened by loss, and while I do not support Socrates, it is clear that his judgment is clouded by bitterness. 1:50pm
  • Lets play a game: one sip of mulled wine for every time Lycon mentions his dead son. We’d all be guilty of drunkenness then. 1:58pm


  • Thrasybulus clearly likes to hear himself speak, especially on the nonsense that is paying citizens for fulfilling their civic duty 1:12pm
  • Aristocles and Crito are rightfully worried about promoting money as an incentive in Athenian politics
  • Is there any substance to what Thrasybulus has to say? Or he just speaking for the sake of speaking 1:18pm
  • Theozotides constantly mispronounces his own name. Weird. 1:21pm
  • Theozotides just wants his own payday. I am disappointed in the man I once thought of as moral and the future of athens. Shameful 1:26pm
  • This stipend will just lead to more corruption! It will cause the downfall of Athens! 1:31pm
  • Antaeus sees the truth! Money would ruin the integrity of our great assembly! 1:34pm
  • Farmers are here begging for money instead of feeding our people. Not a good look. 1:36pm
  • Crito does well to find compromise to support citizens that must make sacrifices to fulfill their civic duty of randomly selected civic servants. 1:49pm
  • Lycon seems to be consistently misunderstanding the ways in which people are trying to help. Sit down! 1:51pm
  • Citizens shall not be paid for fulfilling their civic duty! Glory to Athens!
  • Lithicles wisely wishes to ally Athens with Persia. 2:08
  • I really think Thrasybulus only speaks so he can hear his own voice! What value do these words carry? 2:12
  • Lycon addresses the assembly with an aggressively condescending tone. He speaks as though the rest of us are inferior! 2:17


  • Phormisius wishes for only landowners to be able to vote and thinks that all votes should not be equal. He wishes for only “the qualified” to control the city. Preposterous! 1:12pm
    • Theozotides and others call out the ridiculous nature of basing one’s competency on their wealth 1:18pm
  • Archinus thinks he is above slaves and metics. People are just people! How does citizenship make one better or more Athenian? 1:21
    • Crito sees one’s value in their merit, rightfully so. 1:25pm
  • Damnippus shows he is truly a great man by proposing granting citizenship to metics and slaves who prove that they deserve it! 1:30pm
  • Miltiades and the aristocrats show their confusion and don’t have a great argument to defend their anti-metic stance. 1:32pm
  • Aristocles wishes for those that rule Athens to be educated in ethics, morality, and politics. A truly generational thinker he is. 1:47pm
    • Eryximachus agrees! Promoting and expanding education is of paramount importance!
  • Lysias, a wealthy metic loyal to Athens, cries for his own citizenship. Why should it not be granted? What has an Athenian citizen done that he has not for our great city? 2:00pm
  • Lycon has decided to stop telling us about his dead son and has instead delivered some wise words in favor of metic citizenship! 2:08pm
  • Aristocles’s proposed law passes! Citizenship for the educated! Democracy prevails! 2:18pm


  • Theozotides is a great mind of Athens, leading a great faction and leading us to a great new Age of Athen! History shall know his name! Time 1:20pm
  • As an Athenian who has been exiled, my time away did nothing but fuel my passion for this great state! It inspired me and gave me a love of writing! Who’s to say that Exile won’t just empower the 30 more? The thirty are not like me. They will not use their time away to plan for a better future for Athens, they will only plan more tyranny, more corruption, and more unrest.  Time 1:35pm
  • Thrasybulus is confused and in favor of exiling the 30 instead of granting them amnesty. 1:23pm
  • Lycon no one cares about your dead son. Do not make this political issue about yourself. sit down. 1:36pm
  • Miltiades only cares about making the rich richer! Do not trust him. He is an opportunist, who does not care for Athens, only himself and his fellow oligarchs who keep him rich and powerful.  1:46pm
  • Crito has the right idea! we cannot carve out a wound and expect the health of Athens to improve, we must let it heal! 2:01pm
  • Lycon you are a bitter old man who will not live to see the future of Athens. Why should we care what you think? 2:02pm
  • Democracy in Athen Prevails! a historic day it is 2:16pm