Royal Stoa

During the game, this will become a repository for laws passed by the Assembly. To propose a law, contact the President of the day you want your law to be considered. Proposed laws and their voting results can be found on the President’s Tablet here.

Laws of Athens

Anytus’ Amnesty (with co-sponsorship from Crito and Miltiades)

  • No Athenian shall remember the past wrongs of those who supported the Thirty, nor file any lawsuits against them.
  • If any members of the Thirty, or former supporters of the Thirty, who fled the city would like to return, they should have the opportunity to go through the judicial system to return.

Eryximachus’ Law on Citizenship and Education (with co-sponsorship from Aristocles)

  • Citizenship for those who are educated
  • Establishment of an educational foundation for all individuals in the city.

Antaeus’ Law on Pay for Public Service

  • Citizens shouldn’t be paid to perform public service. 

Herodion’s Law on Education

  • Education of Athenians shall be expanded across genders and across classes, and that anyone who is properly educated may be considered for the Assembly.

Lithicles’ Law on Walls

  • Rebuild Athens’ walls.

Aristarchus’ Law on the Restoration of the Empire (with co-sponsorship from Callias and Simon)

  • Do not restore the empire.