Your final grade this semester will be based on the following assignments. Click the link for each for full instructions – don’t try to complete these assignments just by reading these summaries!

  • Course ContributionThroughout the semester, you’ll be expected to contribute to the course by attending class, doing the reading, participating in class activities and conversations, asking questions, and otherwise engaging with our communal work. Every two weeks, you’ll submit an online form to assign yourself a contribution score based on these activities. If you attended each day of class and did all the readings, you’ll earn 2 points for those 2 weeks; if not, you’ll have options in the survey for signaling other kinds of contributions made instead.
  • Online ForumEach week of class, this website will host conversations related to that week’s course material. To receive credit for participating in a given week, you’ll need to post at least one comment to the week’s forum by midnight on Wednesday.
  • Reflection ProjectsYou will invited to complete up to two small reflection projects this semester in which you’ll expand on what you’ve learned in class.
    • These projects will typically take the form of either a short research paper, or a small creative project accompanied by a reflection.
    • You’ll share these projects with other students in the class, and be invited to act on their feedback in making revisions.
    • To receive credit, you’ll need to complete the assignment itself, and provide feedback on two other students’ work.
  • StorytellingEach student in the class will select a Greek myth and relate it to the class in five minutes or less, accompanied by a single image. You’ll sign up for a day to present early in the semester. These presentations should be fun, informal, and above all, short.
  • Final PortfolioDuring the finals period, you’ll look back over your work this semester, and compose a short essay drawing together themes and questions from throughout the course and evaluating your own work.